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Fashion-Focused Eye Care in Los Gatos

See & Feel Your Best

Open your eyes to a new world of optometry at Total Vision Los Gatos, formerly Los Gatos Vision Center. Our work with Total Vision empowers us offer elegant eyewear and provide all patients with exceptional service.

No matter what you’re looking for — whether you need a thorough eye exam from our friendly team or a funky new pair of frames, we’re here to keep you seeing clearly and feeling great!

If you want to be the best version of you, our practice has just what the eye doctor ordered. Book your appointment now.

Look Forward to Your Next Eye Exam

An eye exam shouldn’t be cold and impersonal; it should be comfortable and tailored to your needs. Our eye doctors invest real time and energy in learning about your eyes so we can care for them properly, and our opticians work hard to find you frames and lenses you’ll love.

Knowing more about your eyes helps us detect eye diseases and vision problems faster to address them more effectively. We even provide custom exam schedules and treatment plans for each patient, creating a truly bespoke eye care experience.

Our Location in Los Gatos

Where Is Your Practice?

Our practice is on North Santa Cruz Avenue, at the corner of Bachman Avenue. If you’re early for your appointment, you’ll find eateries and plenty of other shops nearby to explore.

Our Address

  • 233 N Santa Cruz Avenue
  • Los Gatos, CA 95030

Contact Information

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